Wellbeing meets team building

Connecting people through movement

Movement can have the single biggest impact on our wellbeing.

The more we move, the less we experience chronic stress, anxiety and depression. At work we’re more engaged, productive and fulfilled.

That’s where Magic Mountain comes in. Our fun and engaging movement challenges are where employee wellbeing meets team building.

Whether it’s a one-off challenge to kickstart your wellbeing programme or a year-round wellbeing campaign, we’ve got you covered. Together, we inspire and motivate employees to build healthy habits that last.

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Workplace Wellbeing Report 2022

Sedentary lifestyles are killing people. The sitting disease crisis is here. One of the biggest threats to our health is the modern way of work. We’ve teamed up with The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity to explore these pressing challenges.

The result? The voices of thousands of employees have come together to produce one of the most comprehensive views of workplace wellbeing today.

What did we hear? Employees are surviving not thriving. It’s time to discover the true state of physical and mental wellbeing at work. Together, we can do more.

We focus on supporting employee 
wellbeing across three areas:


Move more, move better


Healthy body, healthy mind


Move together, never alone

Our wellness campaigns are…


Whether you’re collaborating 
or competing, bringing teams 
together gives everyone the 
motivation and accountability 
they need to move. Our in-app
 chat and leader board 
encourages everyone to 
share their progress.

Fully inclusive

Any movement counts! 
Whether it’s walking, gardening 
or a football match, all activity 
counts towards the team goal. 
You can track progress based 
on time, activities or calories.


We’re so much more than 
just an app. We offer fully managed movement challenges, 
from marketing and comms 
to incentives rewards. Our 
gamified app makes it even 
more fun and average challenge 
engagement is over 80%!

Easy to manage

We do all the heavy lifting 
for you. We collate activity data 
in real-time, providing instant 
recognition and reward. Our 
challenge reporting delivers
insights that can help inform
your future wellbeing strategy.

Some of our recent success stories

“Introducing a culture of wellbeing is mission critical.”

Wellness that works

We have everything you need right here.

Our movement challenges are always social, inclusive and fun. No matter who you are, any movement counts on Magic Mountain and anyone can take part. It’s wellbeing and team building rolled into one.

We run one-off movement challenges to kickstart wellbeing programmes through to year-round global wellbeing campaigns. We run charity fundraisers and climate friendly challenges. However you move, you can move with us.

We’d love to chat about how we can help energise, connect and engage your teams.

Our wellness packages

Ready-made movement motivation

The team builder

Grow healthy, stronger teams

The fitness fundraiser

Supercharge your impact

The mindful mover

Destress and unwind

The habit tracker

Optimise performance

Wellbeing meets team building. Fun, engaging and 
hassle-free movement challenges.

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