Getting fit with James

Wanting to start your fitness journey but unsure where to start? Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face comes right at the beginning. It can be scary starting something new!

Here to share their journey into health and fitness is Mountain Guide James Eagle, our go to Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 10 years of experience guiding people through their health journey.

Our community ambassador Emily caught up with James to talk all things health and fitness. Have a read!

What pivotal moment in your life made you decide you needed to take control of your health?

I entered a fitness model competition which required very low body fat. I reached a very low percentage of body fat by dieting incorrectly. As a result I ruined my physiology and it took me 18 months to recover. This was the turning point for me to learn everything I could about diet and exercise.

What was the biggest learning curve when you began your fitness journey?

The biggest help was the fact that I had failed so hard previously and I was determined to never let it happen again. I now dedicate my career to helping people not make the same mistakes I did.

What is the main stumbling block for people trying to get fitter and healthier?

People focus way too much on the outcome and way too little on the process. Fall in love with the process of becoming better each day and the goal will come round so much easier. My proudest goal is still being as enthused, if not more so, about fitness now, then I was 13 years ago.

What routine do you have now that helps you stay on track with your fitness?

I get up super early every day and go straight out for a walk, and I make sure I have a workout scheduled into my diary 5 days a week.

What was the best piece of advice you heard when you began your fitness journey?

Consistency over intensity. 

What’s the number one piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?

Pay attention to the small subtle wins, like waking up without an alarm or not craving junk food most of the day because these are the real things that are going to move your health and fitness forward in ways you wouldn’t believe. 

The journey to the top is easier when we tackle the mountain together. Through Magic Mountain you can collaborate or compete in team movement challenges with your friends, family or colleagues. Track your activities, set daily habits, and chat and share your progress with everyone.

The result?

You’ll get out of bed, put that kit on and hit those goals. You’ll move together, never alone.

It’s time to find your strength in numbers.

PS. Looking to learn more about how we work with corporates, charities, gyms, PTs and wellness partners to help get everyone moving and building healthy habits that last? Check out our website or reach out to Karina, our Sales and Engagement Manager. She’s on and loves a chat!

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