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We firmly believe in the power of community.

We’re on a mission to give everyone the motivation they need to move, lift, stretch, or sweat. And we’re always looking for partners who share our mission and want to join us on our journey.

We partner with inspirational gyms, PTs, events, athletes and brands all over the world.

Maybe you’re a gym looking for a fun and exciting way to engage your members or a PT wanting to digitise your fitness community. Maybe you’re a nutritionist fuelling our mountaineers or an inspirational athlete reaching new peaks.

Whoever you are, a Magic Mountain partnership could be the perfect match.

Let’s talk about how we can do more, together.

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“Magic Mountain is the perfect partnership. We share the same goal of building a truly supportive fitness community.”

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Digitising F45

From 1 studio in January 2021 to now supporting over 150 F45 studios globally, Magic Mountain has delivered member engagement to F45 on a whole new level.

Magic Mountain and F45 is a match made in heaven, with our unique strengths enhancing each other’s offering. F45 studios have some of the best communities you’ll find anywhere in the fitness world. Magic Mountain digitises these communities, giving members the support, encouragement and enjoyment of their F45 community wherever they go.

Whether it’s pitting Magic Mountain teams against each other in a 45 day challenge or getting everyone together to take on a rival studio in the park, Magic Mountain is bringing something fresh to every F45 we’re working with. This is driving real results for members, allowing coaches and owners to deliver even better services and creating amazing experiences for everyone.

How to get involved

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