The ultimate challenge: Burpees up Ben Nevis

Meet the man who is taking on a real-life mountain and attempting a challenge no one has ever attempted before… burpeeing up Ben Nevis!

Charles Mears, aka Woody, has set himself the challenge of taking on the biggest mountain in the UK, burpee broad jumping the whole way to the top!

With the support of his Magic Mountain community, he’s already taken on other peaks across the UK, including Scafell Pike, in preparation for the big day. 24th June 2022 will see Woody take on the seemingly impossible.

Why is Woody taking on such a crazy challenge?! All in the name of men’s mental health, supporting the charity StrongMen. Woody’s no stranger to mental health battles and he’s going to stand on the highest point of the UK to tell everyone that it’s okay to not be okay, that it’s okay to talk. If you want to get involved, you can show your support for Woody by donating to his Just Giving page!

It’s our privilege to be supporting Woody every burpee of the way, giving him the support, motivation and encouragement of the Magic Mountain community wherever he goes. Our community ambassador Emily caught up with Woody to hear his incredible story. Have a read!

Burpeeing up Ben Nevis, what a challenge! What other challenges have you taken on before?

Over the past few years I’ve done numerous challenges. Each one was designed to push me that little bit more and give myself a chance to speak to as many people along the way about my message. I’ve done a skateboard marathon, an assault bike marathon, a StrongMen marathon, Triple Concept2 ultra and now I’m going to burpee to the top of Ben Nevis. It’s all to get people talking a little bit more about mental health and get the message out there to check in on your friends. 

Of all the challenges you could pick, why are you choosing to burpee up Ben Nevis?

I’m choosing to burpee up Ben Nevis as most people can relate to a burpee and most people don’t like them! They are a great metaphor for picking yourself back up again and again, which takes a lot of courage. So what better way to challenge myself and talk about mental health than to burpee to the very top of the UK.

You’re raising money for a fantastic mental health charity. Who are StrongMen and how did the charity come about?

StrongMen came about when founders Efrem and Dan met through mutual friends, having both done ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ on Channel 4 just a year apart. They have both lost someone very close to them and realised there needed to be more support for men going through bereavement. I met Efrem in my local gym and we got talking about our “why”. Since New Year’s Eve of December 2020, bereavement is a journey I have found myself on. Having support from Ef has been crucial, not just for myself, but also so that I can support those around me.

What’s your goal from tackling this enormous challenge?

My goal is, and will always be, to try and help just one more person. If I can get them talking or thinking a little bit more about mental health, then I feel like I’m making an impact.

With the challenge only a few days away, how are you focusing on your mindset?

I’m really excited and have tried my best to maintain a ‘waterproof’ mindset. This means not letting fear kick in and doubt cloud my mind. I appreciate the task at hand, I’ve done over 15,000 burpees in practice and summited two mountains on the journey. There is nothing stopping me from achieving this.

Who has been helping you prepare for your climb up Ben Nevis? 

My friends, family and supporters, especially my wife! They have been, and continue to be, incredibly supportive. They’ve helped me through the tough times, like when I herniated a disc in my back just 8 weeks before the main event! They’ve always trusted my judgement and work ethic to get this done. 

How are you feeling ahead of the big day on the 24th June?

I’m getting it done! I’m so ready! I trust in my body and have the most amazing people and communities supporting me, which gives me that confidence. I know that if I never got to the top, everyone would still be proud of the journey and the message, which is so heartwarming. But that’s just not an option for me. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone else trying to tackle a huge mountain in their life?

Learn to fall in love with what you’re doing and not where you’ll end up! I have fallen in love with the journey, talking to people about why I’m doing this challenge and haven’t focused on the challenge itself. It’s helped when I’ve been 10 hours into burpees or half-way up a mountain. If you focus solely on the destination you’ll miss most of the journey and there are some brilliant moments to be found there.

Hopefully our chat with Woody gives you the motivation and courage you need to tackle your next mountain. It’s time to find your strength in numbers.

PS. Looking to learn more about how we work with corporates, charities, gyms, PTs and wellness partners to help get everyone moving and building healthy habits that last? Check out our website or reach out to Karina, our Sales and Engagement Manager. She’s on and loves a chat!

Picture of Woody, Burpee Hero

Woody, Burpee Hero

Woody’s no stranger to challenges. This one is his toughest yet, seeing him burpee up Ben Nevis in support of men’s mental health and charity StrongMen. Join him on the journey!

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