Welcome to Magic Mountain!

It’s great to have you with us, welcome to the Magic Mountain community!

What’s our story?

Everyone wants to be a bit more.

A bit more healthy and a bit more active. A bit stronger and a bit fitter.

The problem? By yourself it’s nearly impossible to find the motivation needed to get up and out there on a daily basis.

You remain in bed. The sports kit remains in the bag. And your goals remain a long way off.

What you really need is support and encouragement. A fan club that incentivises you. And a community that gives you the motivation to keep moving.

That’s the community Magic Mountain offers.

How does it work?

Through our app you connect with your friends, family, colleagues, or exercise class to create, and complete, movement challenges. These challenges give your movement meaning. You move together, you move better and you move more.

Your community keeps you accountable, helps you achieve more, and makes moving fun. How? All through the power of teamwork, the power of your community.

You don’t want to let others down so you’ll never skip a session. You’ll have your friends supporting you so you’ll go the extra mile. And you’re never alone so you’ll enjoy yourself more.

Through Magic Mountain you can track your activities, set daily habits, and chat and share progress with others.

The result? You’ll get out of bed, put that kit on, and hit those goals.

What can you expect when you join Magic Mountain?

Our community is at the heart of who we are. When you join our community, you’re signing up for…

Track your progress, share your stories, and enjoy your moves.

Keep connected to keep moving. Together, we can move more.

Feed off your team’s encouragement, your community motivating you to move.

Every activity counts, no matter who you are or what you do.

Get your move on!

We’re on a mission to give everyone the motivation they need to move, lift, stretch or sweat. And we believe in a world where everyone has the tools and community they need to live the happy and healthy life they want.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app, create your mountain and invite your friends, family or colleagues. It’s the first step on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

We’ll see you on the mountain!

PS. Looking to learn more about how we work with corporates, charities, gyms, PTs and wellness partners to help get everyone moving? Check out our website or reach out to Adam, our Head of Engagement. He loves a chat!

Picture of Katy, Magic Mountain CEO

Katy, Magic Mountain CEO

Katy is passionate about wellness, loves making things happen and believes that we can all achieve more together. She’s usually found munro bagging with her dog Lucky in the highlands of Scotland.

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